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Welcome to Bad Girls!
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Join us in the Dark Side of the force!
    Hello Everyone! This is the home of the Bad Girls. If you're wondering why we call ourselves Bad Girls, answer is simple. Empire is no place for Good Girls!!! We are bad and enjoying every second of it.
    If you are willing to join our Social-PvP/PvE guild, you are required to contact with GuildMaster Ren or required to fill in application forum, so we can keep in track who joined for what and we will make sure you understand our aims, so you will not be misguided or disappointed during your stay. (Once you join you cannot quit!).
    I hope you all enjoy the Bad Girls and use it for the Evil, may dark side embrace us all :) FOR THE EMPIRE!
Guild News
Bad Girls PvP
By sonkand, Mar 3, 12 9:21 PM

    Well nothing much to say but still, as we are a PvP guild, gotta post news on this huh?

Special congratulations to KFF and her team, for getting 24 wins in a row, 1 STREAK! at warzones :) show them what Bad Girls made of! Keep it up girls!!!

Bad Girls PvE Progress
By sonkand, Mar 3, 12 9:14 PM

    Today Bad Girls Have stepped into Hutt Hospitality for the first time to carry our gaming experience to a new level and give our members a change in taste :)

    Altough it was expected to be complete failure, we have easily and clearly swept away first... Read More

First Operation
By sonkand, Feb 19, 12 5:37 AM

    Bad Girls have tried their first Operation, with a main tank that tanks for the first time with people mostly pve first, time, specially pve'ing together for first time. Was a good result, much further than firstly expected. Good job, keep it up. Screen shots have been added. :)

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